GETTING STARTED: After an initial consultation, in-person, over the phone or via email, you will receive an initial invoice and timeline. When you are ready to proceed, follow these 4 steps:

1) Fill in the form on my website to receive quote. This quote will be an estimation only and for basic digital printing on 300gsm white or ivory paper. Specialised printing can be discussed at a later date and may incur a fee.

2) Book a consultation call

3) If the order value is £1000+ you will submit the 50% non-refundable deposit in person by cash, or  through online email invoice. If the order value is under that amount, you will need to pay in full before a design slot is given and any work can start.

4) Submit all wording via my wedding planner, all proposed design elements and other design factors for me to consider + any inspiration photos/mood boards

With your initial invoice, you will receive a design slot date. The deposit is nonrefundable and pays for all custom design time, proofing, and materials.

Current clients are required to read this page and sign off that the expectations described on this page are understood prior to proof approval and production. Please submit this form back to me as soon as possible, so I can get started on your design.


Once your deposit, wording, and agreement approval are received, the design/order process begins! Please allow anywhere from 3-14 days for your proof, depending on the complexity of your design.  All proofs are designed to actual paper size, using the chosen ink colours.  All proof edits require additional proof reviews and take 1-4 days depending on the changes and the busy season, and your timeline will be updated if additional proofs are required.  If the scope of your design should change dramatically during the proof process, a new cost proposal must be approved, and a new timeline will need to be evaluated.  Every item must be proofed, even single-print signs. If you do not see an item in your proof, it will not be printed.  If any colour shown is drastically different than you requested, tell me! Each client is given three proofs after initial consultation, and proofs after those will be charged £10 and up. 

WEDDING PLANNER: I am not a copywriter, I will not write copy for you, I am a designer. You must input all of your wedding content into your wedding planner and I will copy and paste this info into the designs. It is your responsibility to ensure all content in the wedding planner is correct. You will need to ensure all information in the planner is correct before your design date to ensure no complications.

APPROVING YOUR PROOF: Your proof is ready for print when you say it is!  I will do an initial check while making the proof, but the final inspection of all spelling and information is your responsibility. After the final proof, you will receive a final design release. You must confirm that the designs are signed off via email. Your confirmation confirms that you approve all materials and quantities, as well as the design and text.  If the proofing process runs past the target approval date given at consultation, the target pick-up date will move back accordingly.  Rush fees can be assessed to speed things along, but the average production time is 3-4 weeks for custom designs and 1-3 weeks for pre-designs after proof approval.

*PROOFS are created in colour; however, colours will vary between computer screens.  Your prints will be made in the colours chosen during your consultation.  

*CHANGES You get 2x design amendments to your final design proof, this includes colour, font and spacing. Any more minor change will be charged at £60 per hour and £25 per 20 mins. If you require a complete layout and style change, this will incur an additional cost of £150 for a new concept. If in mid-production, fees may be assessed to order new materials. Rush fees will be applied if changes or additions are made or if client deadlines are not met.

AFTER YOU APPROVE: Once you sign the final design release, all print files listed in said release will be sent to my trusted printer, alternatively I can print at home digitally. At the time of final design release is when the remaining balance to your invitation invoice or package is due.

ASSEMBLY: I will deliver your project to you ready for you to assemble. If your project involves assembly on my end or you would like me to assemble them for you and it is not mentioned before print, assembly charges will be billed to you.


*I AM A DESIGNER and respect the work of other invitation artists.  I am excited to review your paper inspirations; however, I will not copy another designer’s work.

*DIGITAL PRINTING is a machine run process, but colour is adjusted by eye.  I will colour match as closely as we can to a Pantone or letterpress ink, but there may be slight variation.  You initial quote will be an estimation only and for basic digital printing on 300gsm white or ivory paper. Specialised printing like shaped paper, white ink or fabric printing can be discussed at a later date and may incur a fee.

*ENVELOPE ADDRESSING lists must be submitted upon proof approval.  I will send you an Excel template (wedding planner) as this format is required. Your addresses will be printed exactly as you submit them, so please spell out or abbreviate, as desired.


ESTIMATES: Estimates are created on a per-project basis and can be changed with change of design, upping the quantities, paper choices, etc. Changes after the contract is signed and the retainer is paid that result in a lesser amount than originally agreed upon will not be changed in the invoice and you will have to pay for the original amount. Changes after the contract is signed and the retainer is paid that result in a larger amount than originally agreed upon will be added to the invoice and it is your responsibility to cover those costs.

QUANTITIES: If you would like to change your quantity after receiving your final order or after signing your final design release, additional pieces will be a £300 minimum charge and higher per-unit cost to account for production and press set up fees. Rush fees will also be applied if needed by a certain date.

UK shipping costs vary between £30 - £100 per box via Royal Mail, signed, tracked, next day and special delivery will be included each time, this will be included in your invoice. Should the client wish to use another shipping method, please let me know at time of design approval. Alternative shipping methods must be paid in full before shipment. Ten Story is not responsible for any damage during shipping. I will carefully package everything to avoid damage, but if your job suffers damage in transit, you must file a claim against the carrier (Royal Mail, DPD) to recover the value. I can try to re-print the order as quickly as possible as a service to you, but I will have to charge you the full price for replacement. International packages will be charged accordingly. I do fully insure all packages. 

PAYMENT: If the order value is £1000+, you will submit the 50% non-refundable deposit in person by cash, or  through online email invoice. If the order value is under that amount, you will need to pay in full before a design slot is given and any work can start. I require a minimum order value of £500 per order. If the order value is £1000+ a 50% payment of the entire quote should be paid before any work can begin or before any design slot can be allocated. The remaining 50% payment should be paid before I go to print. One of commissions are available depending on the order value. All custom orders must be paid in full before they go to print. Should final payment and/or design approval not take place, customer forfeits retainer and contract is terminated. Payment can be made by cash, email transfer, or through online invoice.

CANCELLATION BY ME FOR ANY REASON: Ten Story cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances, work-stoppages, "acts of God", which may make it impossible for me to complete your job in a reasonable amount of time. My complete obligation to you may be discharged in its entirety by my refund of your deposit, without prejudice, and disclaiming any secondary consequences or costs that you may incur. It is my intention to complete every job to completion, but if there is a substantial reason that I choose not to move forward with any part of your project, a refund will be assessed and you will be required to sign a refund form with agreed refund amount.

Please be aware that any delays caused by you will postpone your estimated completion date.

CANCELLATION BY YOU FOR ANY REASON: If you decide to cancel the job prior to any part of it going to press, you agree to forfeit your deposit. Cancellations after the job has been sent to press will not be accepted. You cannot cancel any part of your job once the final design release contract has been signed. All quantities of each item provided in the final design release are covered by this clause upon acceptance of this contract. Any quantities lowered or items cancelled are at the sole discretion of Ten Story and will constitute forfeiture of that portion of the invoice.

IMAGES OF MY WORK: All pictures taken of my work must be supplied to me after the wedding. Endorsements of my work on social media would be appreciated but not necessary. If you do not want me to post your stationer for personal reasons, please let me know. I will not post guests address details.

T’S&C’S are below, please read. Please take the time to read through our Terms and conditions. All orders are taken in the understanding that the customer has read and accepted out Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions, please let us know before you purchase from us.

T'S & C'S

Please take the time to read through our Terms and conditions. All orders are taken in the understanding that the customer has read and accepted out Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions, please let us know before you purchase from us.


1.1 A deposit of 50% of the total order price must be taken to confirm your stationery & creation slot if your quote is 1K or more, if under 1K you must pay in full before any design date can be secured or work can be started. 

1.2 Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. 

1.3 The balance payment is due 5 week prior to the agreed production slot. Please refer to your invoice for actual balance date

1.4 Failure to pay the balance 5 week prior to your production slot will be classed as a ‘Express Slots’ and will be charged accordingly.  Failure to pay the balance 4 weeks prior to your production slot will result in your order being cancelled. 

1.5 Any late payments may result in your order being delayed.

1.6 Payments should be made via BACS or over the phone.

1.7 Customers paying by cheque will only have their creation slot confirmed once the cheque has cleared. 

1.8 Any refunds due to change in numbers etc will be issued by Cheque.

1.9 Final numbers or order changes of Invitations and/or stationery must total no less than £50 of the original amount quoted.


Postage & Packaging 

2.1 Postage will be charged accordingly in regards to approximate weight of invitations & stationery.

2.2 If numbers increase/decrease, this may change the postage price. 

2.3 If you live in the local area, collection/ hand delivery for your stationery can be arranged.

2.4 All orders are sent via Royal Mail or Parcel Force. You will be notified when your order is complete and your order is ready to be shipped. 

2.5 I am available to attend your wedding to set up stationery on the day if you need me to, travel expenses may occur for this.


Our Designs

3.1 Due to the nature of our handmade invitations and stationery, items appearance may vary slightly from each other, and any previous samples ordered. 

3.2 Prices are subject to change due to paper and printing price increases. However orders that have been paid in full will not be affected. 

3.3 Colours on invites that are send digitally may not be a true representation of the colours through your screen. If you wish to see exact colours, you should ask for us to send you samples a small charge. 

3.4 Guest Names for Invitations and day stationery E.g. Table Plan, Place Cards etc are to be sent to Ten Story using the Wedding Planner they provide you via our wedding planner.

3.5 Any changes to spreadsheets made by Ten Story should be agreed by the customer. Any errors made to the spreadsheet if the customer agrees for the changes to be made instead of sending a new spreadsheet to Ten Story are at the customers fault.



4.1 Samples are available in all designs, and will be charged per item. 

4.2 Postage may be charged on samples. 

4.3 Samples WILL NOT be customised in wording, and will be provided with general information. 

4.4 Please ensure to ask in regards to waiting times on samples if you are unsure. Otherwise times may be stated on the website.


Placing Your Order

5.1 Following receipt of your deposit, a production slot will be booked. This will be based on the next space available taking into account your requirements, or specific date requested. 

5.2 Additional information for your invitations and reception stationery including guest names, table names, accommodation information etc must be sent to us at least 3 weeks before your balance due date to avoid any delays. A delay may mean that your order will not be completed. Ten Story accepts no responsibility in this circumstance.

5.3. We recommend ordering additional ‘spare’ invitations with your main order. We cannot create any extra items at a later date outside your designated slot.

5.4. We advise that if you are uncertain about the order process or have any questions that you please ask us before placing your order.



7.1. In the event of the customer cancelling an order, all moneys paid including the deposit payment and any payments made additionally will be lost and the production slot will be released. Any items purchased for your order will remain the property of Ten Story.

7.2. If we do not hear from the customer at the time of when their details to begin design work should be received (3 weeks prior to balance date or 6 weeks prior to wedding day), entering into or during their 6 week production slot, Ten Story has the right to cancel any work due to take place. It is up to the customer to schedule any dates in their diary and contact Ten Story with any updates or changes.

7.3.Cancellation orders are non transferable.

7.4. Deposits are non transferable.

7.5. Once orders have been placed via our online shop, these can not be cancelled.


8.1. A proof of your wedding invitation and or stationery will be emailed to you prior to your production slot. It is essential that you check the proof thoroughly to ensure all details are correct and that there are no spelling errors and all information is correct.

8.2. Work will not commence on your invitations until the proof has been approved by filling in our acceptance form on the website. Delays in providing your wording to enable us to create your proofs or approval of your proofs may delay the start of work on your order. This in turn is likely to result in your order not being completed. Ten Story accepts no responsibility in this circumstance.

8.3. Any changes to invitations requested after your approval may incur an extra cost, and/or may not be possible where timescales are unreasonably tight. Ten Story accepts no responsibility in this circumstance. 

8.4. It is your responsibility to make sure all guest names, table names and all other items are spelled correctly. 

8.5. Please note that when you provide your information, we mainly copy and paste. However, this is not always possible and some information may have to be typed by us Ten Story. Due to this reason, human error is inevitable. It is your responsibility on receipt of your proofs to check that all spelling and information is correct. After your proofs have been approved changes may not be able to be made. Please refer to 8.3

8.6. A total of 3 rounds of proofs will be provided, and any further proofs after this will incur a charge of £5.00 per round.


9.1. All of our invitations and stationery are very carefully packaged. In the unlikely event that any items are damaged, it must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. 

9.2. Any damage must be shown to Ten Story in pictures/video so the appropriate action can be taken and sent to the courier.

9.3 We may ask for you to return any damaged goods that you have received. Ten Story will pay for this service. Please ensure to keep all original packaging.


Posting your Invitations

10.1. For invitations with large embellishments and delicate parts, we recommend posting your invitation in a bubble wrap envelope for added protection. 

Day Stationery

11.1 The information must be provided to Ten Story via the Wedding Planner no later than your design date and at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding in certain circumstances.

11.2 The designs will be created and sent to you via PDF via Google Drive or Whatsapp for your approval. (Please see T's & C's Proofs.)

11.3 If more than one spreadsheet has been sent to Ten Story due to error from the customer, they hold no responsibility for any mistakes made.

11.4 For collection orders all items will be ready to collection 3 days prior to your wedding.

11.5 For postal orders unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, your order will be shipped to be received no later than 3 days prior to your wedding.

11.5 International postage can take up to 5 weeks.